I'm sorry

Today was last Thursday.

I went to a Korean restaurant again. It was good as usual.
And we talked with Japanese and Korean friends a lot. Especially,when we talked about nutrition, one of the subjects I studied in university, so, I enjoyed the topic.

I felt that I'll miss the such a good friends I can talk with.
As I said, of course our feelings are depend on the day.
I don't know which today is. But my teacher said to us "if you are not happy, pretend as if you are happy. So, you can find a happiness and feel happy."
I entirely agree with him. That's true. I like the person has own philosophy about a life.

Today, he also said "Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow, not some more convenient season. It is today that our best work can be done and not some future day or future year. It is today that we fit ourselves for the greater useless of tomorrow. Today is the seed time, now are the hours of work and tomorrow comes the harvest and the playtime."
I fogot to take a note of who wrote.

And "share our similarities, celebrate our differences, by M. Scott peck" he also said. Don't you think he's good teacher?

Then, I had a good time in the Korean restaurant. I couldn't come back home in time when I had to call homestay mother. There was no dinner for me....though I ate light meal in the restaurant.

I'm sorry. I'll have to apologize to her.

It's ok. I just think I get a chance to speak English, it works out.
(with feeling a little bit guilty)

Ah, I hope I don't forget to apologize to her after sleeping.
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The last Thursday gets started. (is it correct?)

I can't help counting the last days, actually two days.
I noticed no preparation for N.Y. I checked the guide book in a flurry.
There are so many attractive places in N.Y. Three days are too short to stay.
I wanna see a musical and go an outlet mall etc.

I gonna stay a (Japanese?)hostel. So, I'm wondering wether I continue to speak English:( And I worry about safety.

My studying abroad gonna be finished.
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The last Tuesday gonna end.

I'm depressed not because of missing Toronto.
I don't know why I felt today was so long. Time was slow.

Every Tuesday is the day KFC's chicken is sold for 3$. It's very cheap compared with Japanese. So, I went to KFC and tried to find differences in taste.
But before it, I couldn't cacth the English waiter said again.
I said "sorry?". Then, she asked again. But I couldn't again.
While I was not sure, she bring what I wanted for taking out.
Afterall, I could eat chicken and I thought what she said. Finally, I came to a conclusion that It seemed "here or to go?".
I was depressed...as I couldn't catch, and couldn't do anything....

But I could change the way of thinking, so, I learned the fast food conversation.

Maybe, life is like it.
It's not ture that everything is good, also everything is bad.
Maybe, life is like it.
There are just a little bit good things and a little bit bad things continuously.
Sometimes, we may face big happiness or the other one.
Accidents happen. That's life.
Maybe life is like it.

Today is occationlaly the one.
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Today was the last Monday in Toronto.
I changed my class because last term was over last Thursday.
Actually, I wanted to stay last class I was in. But I chose business class before the test. So, I had to change the class from a regular class to business class although I told my teacher that I wanted to stay regular class.
However, business class was more interesting than regular class.LOL. I have only 1week. Quite frankly, I didn't like regular class but I didn't know how the class was. I couldn't find a chance to speak English there. (What I didn't wanna change was just because I was afraid of change.) So, I wrote "I wanna go to Japan or United Sates".
Business class is more sutable for me. Thus, as Steve Jobs said, we should "keep looking, don't settle". Don't think now is better before you try it.
Of course, I was exhaust with new class because it was different from the class I had had. But new class can be interesting.
That's to say... Don't be afraid of change .....though My case was lucky.

Through this experience, I may be able to miss Toronto.LOL

Then, I went to Korean restaurant with Korean friend.
There is Korean town in Toronto. I also can find Japanese food in grocery store.
I love the store.LOL
Anyway, we drank soju(am I right?) including 20 percents alcohol. So, I'm a little bit drunk.LOL and I have headache.

Yeah, I had a good the last Monday. I finally got going on my Toronto life. Life my be like it.
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Last Sunday

Two weeks passed from the first day.
Today is the last Sunday. This week is last week in Toronto.
To be frank with you, I didn't wash my clothes for two weeks. I wonder when host mother washes my clothes... So, I washed at least under wear by hand in the bathroom. I'm thinking it's ok because of one week left. LOL. I can wash my clothes. She looks busy. If the stay was long, I would tell her...so, Never mind, I say to myself.

Now, I had no plan to go and do. So, I had nothing to do in spite of Sunday.
I listened to music on YouTube by iPod.
I found a good song I looked for. Actually, I was looking for a drama.
As I wrote, the drama was what I watched the second day in Toronto. I knew only it was Disney's one. It was like musical. The drama( movie) was "Drama Queen" do you know? It is funny.

I introduce you this song.

I like this song. Thus, I'm infulenced by anything soon. I'm in Canada, so I feel like listening to and watching western one. It's good surroundings for me to study English. The problem is wether I can continue this in Japan.

To solve the problem. I resumed facebook.
Someone said Japanese is lack of intellectual curiousity and eyes to outside, we should be interested in the world. I don't it's true. Anyway, my house mate and school mate use facebook. So, I wanna begin it again.
I can see facebook from iPod. I'll be glad to last our reration for long time. (I'm lazy,though). Of course I write anything in English on facebook.

By the way, what did the movie win the Oscar??:)
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Don't be shy

"Don't be shy" is the word I don't like.

Niagara falls, one of the best places I wanted to visit.
I went there!!I wish to show a lot of pictures but I can't upload the pictures. Excuse me.

It was really really extremely magnificent place.
When we were approaching it, it was like a shower and getting much colder. Thanks to such a sunny day, we could see a beautiful rainbow!!
My hands were almost frozen.

And we came close to Niagara falls. It was amazing, incredible, unbelievable and wonderful. Huge amount of clear water fell into a gigantic hole. Can you imagine? It was so exciting.

I and my friends made friends with a funny Saudi guy and a funny Russian girl.
They were so interesting. They always said "don't be shy". LOL
So, I felt somehow "don't be shy" was not bad word. We laughed each other.
I had very good time at Niagara falls not only for sightseeing but also for friendship and speaking English. I wanna learn English more.

Ya, I am sure it turns to be a my tresure even though we don't see often, actually.
I'll begin facebook. LOL
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I'm crying

Ahhhhhhhhhh oh my gosh!!!!!!

When I wrote a dairy as usual, suddenly my iPod turned off and the article was gone !!!!!!!!!!!! Twice!!!!!!!!!

How can I say.......

Ok, I'll leave just essence.
I can't rewrite because story is living and my feeling is living.

You don't have to make a group nor be alone.
The most important thing is balance.

Timely, I talked with my roommate. He is a doctor but he quit his job and came here to grab a chance. Being able to speak English is advantage. He decided to study English. He inspired me. He may be the one of fighters.
So, I'll study English abroad again. I wanna grab a chance in a world scale!!
Though I had an absolutely good time here for just "experience", I'll study English hard and abroad not to experience but to be a good-speaker.

I wanna go back or go to America soon!!

I DID write much much more.....oh my oh...
I wanna cry.....
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Today was a snowy day. Toronto's snow is powderr snow. So, unfortunately, I can't make a ball with it.

Anyway, we had tests today for listening, speaking, reading and writing.
But it makes no sense for me because I'll leave here after 1 week. LOL
It doesn't matter however I get bad or good scores.

Of course, I bombed. I couldn't do everything.
I felt I need much more study. Not to mislead you, it takes much time to write this blog. So, don't think I can write or speak well. ;)
The result was terrible. But as I could, I can manage to cominucate with foreigner. It's ok for the present. If I need English more, I'll study more.(I decide to take tutorial English in waseda.) That's it .Truly, what we need may be not English skill but will to cominucate with others.

And I went to H&M on Queen street.
Then, I found T-shirts sold by final prices.

How much was it? What do you think?

2 T-shirts cost 7$!!!!(700 yen) it was unbelievable.
Nothing to say, I bought it.LOL
Japanese things are too expensive.

I was glad to get them.

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Stuck in a moment

Today, it snowed!!
You might think it's common in Toronto. But I didn't see snow till today in Toronto.
Today was nice day. I could feel Toronto.

And I went a museum. Wendnesday, we can enter the museum for nothing for 4:30p.m. to 5:30p.m. It was good museum but not interesting. I've been to the Louvre. So, it can't help comparing them. Anyway, I gonna go there again next Wednesday. LOL. It seems to take two hours to see all exhibits. I think That's enough.

I learned a song in my class.
We sometimes practiced listening with English music.
The song is "Stuck In A Moment" sung by U2
This is catchy melody impressing lyrics for me.

"you've got to get yourself together
you've got stuck in a moment
and you can't get out of it"

I strongly recommend you to listen to it.
Though I don't listen to English song so often, it gonna be my favorite song.
(I've never listened to j-pop music consciously in Toronto. So, that's why I am into the song.)
I felt like trying another English song.

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Such a chicken

As I wrote yesterday, today was the day to eat out for dinner with the Canadian.

I told the story to friends and class. Then they all said he was no doubt a gay.
Well.... I know the possibility. It's possible, I think. But the more they said to me, the more I felt dangerous. LOL, Although I don't mean discrimination. Yeah, gay is not bad thing. That's one style of life.

So, I got afraid of him.
And it became the time to call him. After thinking many things, I did! Right? I did call him fearfully.

.....But he didn't answer.
I got complex feelings, happy, sad, relieved...etc
And I didn't feel like calling him again.
So, I sent a e-mail to aplogize to him. Though he asked me next plan to go dinner or go sightseeing, I said I'm sorry I can't (something like that). I'll let you know if I can.

Oh, I'm sorry. I was such a chicken guy....
If I were enetrtainer, I would enjoy with him. And it could be a funny story wether he was gay or not.(maybe gay was more funny)LOL
I couldn't.......sorry. It seems my limit...
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The greatest day

Today was kinda special day for me.

Today was holiday in Canada, called family day.
So, I had no class. I went shopping and sightseeing too.
The place was Kensington market. There are china town and many second clothing shops.
Then, I made up my mind to enter any shop I wanted to even slightly.
Through the experiences, I got used to shop and people. When I went into a shop, I could say hello. And I could reply to clerk though I couldn't have a conversation with one Chinese clerk. I was used to the situation we couldn't undersatnd each other. If you had a opportunity like this, it's ok to just think that's happened. It doesn't matter. Right?
Afterwards, I could buy 3 T-shirts by 10$!! (about 1000 yen including in tax) but I was not sure its quality. Haha.

And then, walking the market, I saw a really cute child with Japanese(Chinese?) umbrella. I was eager to take a picture of her.
But I was worried wether I should take a picture or not for a minute with walking.
I thoght I would regret it absolutely if I didn't, same as love for me.
And I decided to do!
Of course, I asked her father if I could. Then, I could! She was very very extremely pretty.
I was happy to be in Toronto for the first time.
I felt I accomplished my purpose in Toronto. LOL
Needless to say, the picture gonna be my treasure.

Then, I encountered one more funny thing.
When I was walking around the city, I was spoken to by one male Cnadian.
After talking with him, I went his home. We drank beer! LOL
(I was sure to be careful. I don't recommend it for women.)
And we'll eat Canadian dinner together.
It reminded me about ko-chi one. LOL
I felt strange. But I'll stay just for 2 weeks. So, I think it's ok! It sounds funny.

Today was such a exciting day. LOL
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Mysterious number

3 is mysterious number because it's good figure when you do something hard.
I'll explain it. The first, you can hang on because you are freshman, and next you can hang on because you think end is coming, at last, you can hang on because you can think you will be release soon. Right?
I also felt it when I was in high school and track and field club.
So, this week is my second term. I'll hold out.

I forgot what I wanna write.
Well... I'm accustomed to listening I can't. So, it's ok to say "sorry?", "pardon?" or "could you repeat...?". And I can understand it with a little shame. Then I learn the each stuation's conversation. Though, it's happened to pretend as I understand without comprehension. LOL

Ya, I am planing to go China town today.
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Almost first weekend

In this morning, I saw some wild squirrels. I was surprised and took pictures immediately. But I can't show you it. Sorry. I felt Canada. LOL

My Korean friends and I went went sightseeing in Toronto.
We visited CN tower, the highest tower in the world, china town, university of Toronto and Eaton centre. It was nice. I want to go back again and I'll buy something. That reminds me, Maybe tomorrow, I'm gonna go sightseeing by myself.

I noticed that the Korean had unique intonation in English. I was sorry that I couldn't hear them. It sounds as if "a lot of" is "aroud"(I don't know how I can say), "student" is "stdent" and "f" is "p". I don't know what is right. And I wonder about Japanese case. So, I asked my roommate from Rossian. Then, I heard that Japanese have too(or only me). I can't make a fool someone has strange pronunciation.
After all, it is not unusual that anyone has own intonation.

And there are the best 2 words to use frequently when I am in Toronto.
These are "get" and "have".(as far as I think)
It is very useful words. You may get my thought if you go abroad. What do you think??

Ah, happy valentine's day.

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Valentine's day

Today is Valentine's day. It makes no sense for me especially this year.LOL

Yesterday, I went skating at lake Ontario with Japanese friends. The ice rink was big. We could skate just 7 dollar for only skating shoes. That's to say, if you have own skating shoes, you can skate freely there!! Skating was interesting and exciting despite slipping 4 times. I've played skating only once in Japan. At first, it was difficult to skate but the longer I skated, the better I got it. I wanna go skating again and learn skating by I leave Toronto.

Then, one Japanese was going to go back Japan. She was very kind person.
It was too short time to do something with but I was encouraged by her.
I wonder if there comes a day when I miss Toronto. ;)

People can't live alone. We need connection with each other. I realized it again here. We can be cheered by others even on the Internet. Though, I didn't think so in Japan, thanks to others who is kind to me, I manage to lead a life. Right? Don't you think so?
Nothing but comments and e-mail enliven me. So, I'll send a e-mail someone who are embarrassed.
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Getting used to....

I am getting used to people(classmates) rather than language and surroundings.
I feel that I can communicate with them. I'm happy to find something and step like this feeling everyday.
And I went to a Korean restaurant with friends, Japanese and Korean.
I thought I was going to be listener for some reason or other.... The Korean friend said that I was so seriously. Ummm.....

After that, we went a cafe. And I ordered coffee, then I was asked something I couldn't get. So, I said "sorry?" twice.... The waiter changed the words understandable for me...oh my...;( I need practice more.

Anyway, to waaeda univ. students.
You are so lucky. You had a lot of experience without notice. Waseda univ. is different from the others. For example, as far international students, circles and more. I saw many people including Japanese here. Frankly speaking, there are people who feel like the well-speaking English and play a roll American or lazy person. (hide a true personality?)
I know the students who can speak English much much much more than them in waseda. Though I mean they are not bad,I think they are small-minded than the person who study English earnestly. Earnest is cool. Don't hide!!

And then, I notice that I can enjoy however,whatever,whenever and wherever you are. Fun can be beyond everything!!!(I mailed it kanako San):)

I said to waseda univ. students, though, I wrote it to me. haha
Good night.
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This week is long for me. The time is fast but day is slow because I had last Saturday twice. I feel today is Thursday but today is Wednesday in Canada.
And I don't know that is why I gonna be sleepy at all the nights healthy. Then I always wake up at around 3a.m. I fall asleep again. Through the night like it, I had dreams everyday. Some of them are fearsome.
Anyway, I hope the day I have a dream in English.

Today, I talked with roommates. Anything will do. It is important to step into forward.(wether I did or not)

Ah, I'm sleepy today too. Good night. What's today's dreams?

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Today was a full of my lessons.
The first class was the most difficult one for me. I somehow managed to listen to their English but I couldn't speak well. I didn't say about me without what I like dancing. And second class was speaking and listening. The third is super intensive class.

What was good for me was I had a coffee time with new friends. They were Korean and Japanese. But we didn't talk in each mother tangue.
I was happy to be someone who could share the feelings or problem etc. Korean encouraged me. I heard he wouldn't go back Korea until he could speak English fluently(at least one year). He inspired me.
And I realized how great the international students in waseda uni. like dahae or songhyun is.

I think it is alike to put new ideas and to learn language because both are recalling what we forget or get used to something we didn't use in dairy life.

To strengthen the persuasiveness is repetition as you know, Obama.
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I found that I am not into chatting.....
I don't talk with others or even my mother so often.
But Everybody says "don't be shy" like that. That's different I think. It is possible that I'm just not interested in the person.
At least, I'd like to talk with people in a class.

I don't know which I am.
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(I hope) Everything is gonna be alright

The first school day came to me. There were much more Japanese than I expected. I don't know whether changing the exchange rate caused it or not.
I took a writing test and speaking test. Then, my class is going to be a pre-advance Although I don't know that I can follow the class, I will do my best because I will stay in Canada only for 3 weeks. Challenge is needed if you can do anything seriously.

I made friends with some Korean. What I laughed at was the name of waseda was valid to Korean. They didin't know the university without tokyo univ. and waseda univ. And they got over the military service. They have experienced shooting or throwing a bomb.
And I talked with Brazilian in class. I was surprised at his thoght. When we were discuss the advice to the person who was suffered from elaborate curse by a gypsy. Then he said "kill the gypsy". I feared that slightly. I recognized again that each person from all over the world(or not) thinks differently.

I came accros the Japanese speaking Japanese. I wouldn't be like that. Thanks to that, I couldn't speak to Japanese.

Anyway, I will do my best hoping everything is gonna be alright. Thank you Nosuke San!
If you(to everybody watching this blog) can, please leave a comment.
To tell the truth, it encourages me so much.

See you.

I was surprised at changing this blog to keep up with the iPod too.

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Today is the day which I stay at Toronto whole a day. I ate a hamburger that was not macdonald's but frozen food. But it was tasty.
And after that I had nothing to do... So, I had been watching the TV for long time.
I can catch the English in TV about 50 percent. They spoke so quickly. I had not been interested in western TV however, I found some interesting points about it.
The first is that I can watch many girls and boys that we can't find in a film of hollywood. As I wrote, the western children is cute and pretty. That is an important thing and what I can enjoy without language problem. And next is the drama was like musical. This may be why I watched a show like high school musical. It was fun for me who like dance. Anyway, I wish I can understand English from speaker 100 percent.

And, today is fine. I heard that it had been minus 30 degree last week!!!
Can you belive it?

I go to a language school from tomorrow.
The match will start.
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