Don't be shy

"Don't be shy" is the word I don't like.

Niagara falls, one of the best places I wanted to visit.
I went there!!I wish to show a lot of pictures but I can't upload the pictures. Excuse me.

It was really really extremely magnificent place.
When we were approaching it, it was like a shower and getting much colder. Thanks to such a sunny day, we could see a beautiful rainbow!!
My hands were almost frozen.

And we came close to Niagara falls. It was amazing, incredible, unbelievable and wonderful. Huge amount of clear water fell into a gigantic hole. Can you imagine? It was so exciting.

I and my friends made friends with a funny Saudi guy and a funny Russian girl.
They were so interesting. They always said "don't be shy". LOL
So, I felt somehow "don't be shy" was not bad word. We laughed each other.
I had very good time at Niagara falls not only for sightseeing but also for friendship and speaking English. I wanna learn English more.

Ya, I am sure it turns to be a my tresure even though we don't see often, actually.
I'll begin facebook. LOL
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